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In the realm of online casino industry there have appeared a tooth and nail competition among the many web sites which are numbered more than 17 million. In the initial phase of the development of the online casinos the competition was not very stiff as the prospect of the casino sites was not very clear. But the players of the initial period could grasp the intrinsic potential of the online casino sites and so tried their best to make it popular by bringing in various attractive features. They also could foresee that once the casino business would become profitable then many big players would plunge into the business to claim their share of the profit. So they along with the computer technologists worked hard to make many casino games in its online modes and incorporated graphics, bandwidths etc to make the online casino games attractive to the players.

The promotional schemes

golf gambling games for 2 players

At the present state of the things there is no other go than to apply promotional ventures as is done in all other core industries in order to attract the customers. The bonuses are such a promotional strategy which is undertaken by all the web sites. There are bonuses targeting all players at the various stages of the games. There are bonus schemes for the new comers, the old players, the skilled players as well as the moneyed players.

Types of bonuses

  1. No deposit bonus is for the new players who are able to play the chance games for the first time in the site จีคลับ without requiring depositing any money. They can play for free till they feel comfortable to play on wagering for registering winnings. The web site will credit some amount to their account for enabling them to play for free.
  2. In the case of free deposit bonus the players are required to deposit some initial amount to their account to which the casino site make some free deposits which the player can wager during playing. But the players are not permitted to withdraw the deposit money.
  3. For the old players the play only bonus is given so that they continue in the site. This bonus which is applicable to the existing players depends on the wagering amounts of the players.
  4. The stay on bonus is given to the existing players only after completing six months in the site. The bonus is added to the account but is not permitted to be withdrawn by the players.

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